Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Because

- because it starts bugging me if I have the same post up for too many days
- because the sun came out this afternoon (though this picture wasn't taken today)
- because I've been sitting and finishing a quilt and thinking


Marina said...

Look out, she's having a thinky day again!

Enjoy your time with the quilt and the memories it represents.

Erobintica said...

;-) Yeah! Watch out! Hehehe, thanks Marina.

Danielle de Santiago said...

that makes me think of maya angelou an dthat great ( well back then it was great) movie "an american quilt"

Erobintica said...

Danielle - oh! that was a good movie - How To Make An American Quilt.

I'm going to be posting about this quilt with some pictures. Sometime soon.

Danielle de Santiago said...

ha! it reallxy was..wasnt?..cant wait to see that pics:-)