Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Stuff

~It's stopped raining!
~I finished a story I want to sub last night.
~There's only three more days of school after today and then I won't have to get up at 6AM (I am not a morning person).
~I've got a writing group meeting tomorrow - been missing folks.
~There's some good stuff out in blogland - poetry at Sommer's and Craig's - plenty of pretty purple/violet/whatever at Alison's (ya must scroll through all the purple posts) - thoughtful posts & discussions at Donna's and Scarlett's - word talk at Janine's - and one hell of a fun quiz at P.S. Haven's (plugging your ass again Haven!).
~I'm putting together an interview that I did with Randy Lagana, whose artwork I've used in various posts. Hope to get it up this weekend.
~It's stopped raining!
~There's even a hint of sun!
~Mr. Erobintica gets home from business travels tomorrow afternoon!
~ I got buttons AND a Trollop temp tattoo in the mail!

That there picture is of one of Mr. Erobintica's famous sparkler bombs.


Donna said...

Glad things are looking sunnier, Robin! My husband returns from his travels, too, today. Looking forward to that. Thanks for the shout-out :-).

Marina said...

Yay! Happy Friday!

T. Elle Harrison said...

I'd say that's awesome stuff. Congrats on your story completion and Woohoo to your hubby coming home!

Erobintica said...

Hi Donna - tis always nice when they return, right? ;-)

And yes Marina - oh ye of Think Kink fame!

Thanks Elle. Is nice to see you posting again!