Monday, May 11, 2009

Where am I going with this?

For the most part I had a pretty nice weekend. For the most part. But this morning I'm thinking (oh no, watch out!) and it sure doesn't help that there seems to be a lot of thinky blog posts this morning. But I'm not sure what I'm thinking. So, because I'm a bit particular about my blog, I didn't want to leave the Mother's Day post up when it's now Monday. But I don't have time to write much. Plus, like I said, I'm thinking. So I'll post this picture and then get on with my day and come back and hopefully post something that isn't a fucking waste of your time to read.


neve black said...

Oh Robin,
The way your mind works sometimes really cracks me up! I'm laughing with you, not at you - :-)

spam word: fishneys. What the hell are fish knees? Fish don't have knees, do they?

Erobintica said...

Sometimes I'm amazed my mind works at all and doesn't just laze around.

fishneys - maybe they are knee hi fishnet stockings?