Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Accepted into Best Erotic Romance 2!!!

Sorry this is a bit late being posted, but Kristina Wright, accepted my story "Another Chance" for inclusion in Best Erotic Romance 2013 (or BER 2)!!!!

It's an honor to be sharing the pages with these folks. And I'd find links to folks's sites, but my laptop is being real slow. Maybe I'll add them another time. Yeah, am thrilled!!!!!


Table of Contents
Foreword                                                            Saskia Walker
Introduction: Can’t Get Enough
Kiss and Make Up                                                Heidi Champa
Waiting for Ilya                                                Teresa Noelle Roberts
Three Nights Before the Wedding                        Catherine Paulssen
Flowering                                                            Donna George Storey                       
Teach Me                                                            Jeanette Grey
Last Hundred Days                                                Geneva King
The Price of Love                                                Kate Pearce
Another Chance                                                Erobintica
Cutting Out Hearts                                                Kristina Lloyd
Chocolate Cake and You                                    Victoria Blisse
Adagio                                                            Torrance SenĂ©
Nothing Important Happened Today                     A.M. Hartnett
Renovate                                                            Nina Reyes
Trouble in Paradise                                                Crystal Jordan
Kiss of Peace                                                Dominic Santi                       
Grounded                                                            Nikki Magennis
Sweet Memories                                                Kristina Wright


Jeremy Edwards said...

Congratulations on all this wonderful news—how fabulous!

Suite Encounters is on my "to be read" list, and BER 2013 is on my "to be to be read" list (for not-yet-released books to be added to the TBR list once published). (:v>

Erobintica said...

Thanks, Jeremy!