Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Turn-on

The other day, Danielle commented  "hm..i d like to read about the things that inspire you.."the every day" erotik moments that slip in your head and grow into stories..."

So that gave me an idea. The Thursday Turn-on. Though I only have a few minutes left to get this done on a Thursday, I wanted to start today. On Thursdays, I'll post about some turn-on of mine. Something that gets my juices, creative and/or otherwise, flowing.

This morning I was reading the comics in our local newspaper. And this Zits comic just kinda turned me to mush as I ate my breakfast.

I like kissing. A lot. There's just something about lips, on other lips, on skin, on whatever. And give me a good movie kiss, and you might just have me squirming in my seat. 

And yeah, kissing figures in my stories. Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to find some snippets and I'll post them. In the meantime...


Craig Sorensen said...

I have a thing for kisses too. A major, major thing for kisses!

The montage was excellent.


Danielle said...

me too! i mean..kissing!!!!! who dont loves a good kiss? ilov ethis moment..the very first kiss..the moment taht bares it all becaus ethen you know: this will work..or rather not...because when the kiss dont feels right..if she or he can niot good kiss..or kiss the way it makes u feel good...then proppably everything else will not feel right either..

love the video...and must confess..i have seen gone with wind like a billion times..i watched it with my grandma soooo often when i was a kid...hehe

thanky ou for sharing this with us robin:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I knew I shouldn't have come here on a Friday, after a glass or two of wine. After Danielle...


Vegetarian Cannibal said...

I think kissing itself is pretty hot. I mean...when I am doing it. But when I watch others do it, they just look...I dunno..."dorky" to me, lol! It's a bit like watching porn in a way. Yeah it's hot when you're having sex yourself but when you watch other people do looks kinda silly. But maybe that's just me, hahaha! I'm fully willing to admit I'm a strange person, lol!