Friday, January 29, 2010

Ideas please

Okay, so it's Friday and I've been trying to do a post a week, and today I want to do something, but my brain is just drawing a blank right now. I spent the day running around grocery shopping and stuff like that. Tonight, Mr. E and I are going to a movie. Which gave me an idea - but no time to work on it because I have to make dinner. Ain't it always something?

So, maybe tomorrow I'll put up a blog post. In the meantime - here's a pretty picture.


Danielle said...

just tell us about the movie..if we should go see it too..or share your dinner recipe..:-)

Jo said...

Ah, D, always cruising for food porn...

That boulder looks like a puddin'!

Ha, wv: dratizen

like a bad, unmotivated citizen :)

Hi Erobintica :)

Erobintica said...

haha (it took me more tries to spell that "right" than are letters - I've had some wine)

Danielle, we're going to see Book of Eli - I'll let you know how it is - dinner was steak and mushrooms and salad and wine (a very nice Malbec - my latest favorite). Nothing fancy, but very good - and dessert when we get home from the movie - yay! Friday night!

Hi Jo, yeah, he is isn't he. Is nice to see you - I'm looking forward to Shanna's class. yay!

Jo said...

Oh, I wondered if that was you :)


Erobintica said...

Yup - I hadn't figured out the little comment box picture thingy yet.