Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mangled, tangled thoughts

I'm wearing this necklace below, that I won from a contest that Alison and  Tiffanie at Metal Taboo ran over at the Trollop Salon. It's sort of become my talisman.

Life is crazy these days - in good and bad ways - but even the bad ways may turn out to be good. Do you know what I mean? When you're in a situation that from most angles looks to be one of the worst you could ever lay eyes on? But could also be one of the best? I'm in the middle of that right now. The most frustrating thing is I want to sit down and write about all this - but I don't have the fucking time!

I'm in the thick of a busy weekend where my Erobintica life merges and overlaps and soaks into (sorta like wine spilled on a favored tablecloth) my "other" writing life. I've organized a reading by Stephen Elliott and he's going to be here tomorrow, literally HERE, staying overnight at my house so I can drive him to his next gig in upstate NY on Saturday. So, I'm trying to figure out all the things I need to get ready for that (remember to clean the damn bathroom and the cat litter boxes), get some food, deal with some stupid shit (I promise I won't go on and on about idiot asshole landlords), and be all ready to go into NYC in the morning to meet a friend and then meet Stephen at Grand Central Station and head back here.

And how did all this come to pass? From long ago (well, not THAT long ago) over at Alison Tyler's blog where I read this post (well, damn, can't get a direct link - it's the Dec. 24 2008 posting Stuffing My Stockings) - and I followed it to The Rumpus. And fell in love with The Rumpus. And gradually came to read more of Stephen's writings - some for the first time, some again, like those in some erotica collections I have. Then I signed up to take a class from him in NYC, Writing From Experience. I wrote about that here. Then I read an advance copy of his latest book, The Adderall Diaries as part of "the lending library." I posted about that here. Then I responded to his query of those folks to host readings. And now it's happening. Right at a time when a bunch of other shit is happening in my life. Much of it my the result of my own doings. But I don't regret anything, because it has all gotten me to where I am  now and it's getting me to where I'm going (which I have no fucking clue where that is).

I know this post probably makes no sense. But I don't care. I'll post a lot more after the weekend.


Anonymous said...

We'll read whatever you post, it's fine!

Danielle said...

no sense???? you must be kidding..s.e. is coming to read..and stays at your cool is that???

Emerald said...

Here's to writing and posting even if it doesn't make sense. Seriously.

Have a beautiful reading, and congratulations on initiating and organizing that!!!


Scarlett Greyson said...

Go Robin Go!

And I'm glad to see you're wearing the necklace.

Good luck with the reading and enjoy your company!!

Erobintica said...

Thanks everyone.