Friday, July 22, 2011

Going "Adult Content"

Yeah, I've decided to go with Blogger's "Adult Content" warning page, despite my not liking the idea, because of what I read here (about Google + and Google's NSFW issues). I am wanting my Erobintica blog to loosen up a bit, and I realized that fear of being shut out of here has kept me from doing that. Hence, not many posts of late.

So, yeah, I'm sorta pissed at myself for capitulating. I remember back when Alison Tyler had her blog reported and she put up the warning page and a bunch of other erotica folks did the same. At the time I wasn't being very daring in my blog, so I stayed open. But we seem to be going through another period of sexual hysteria (Emerald has a good Recommended Reading post on it here), and since I want to promote some stuff (announcement coming), without having to censor myself, I'm going to go behind the Content Warning door.


Emerald said...

I hear you—it's frustrating to feel we have to do that, but the system does seem to be set up at this time such that our sites may be threatened if we don't appear to exercise caution about minors seeing the content. In my case, I worded the message on my splash page very carefully...some say "not appropriate for those under 18" or things like that; I wrote basically that it was simply not legal for minors to view some of the things on my site and to be aware of that. I don't feel it's up to me to command what's "appropriate" for different people to peruse. And frankly, I don't feel such has that much to do with whether one is 17 and 10 months old or 18 and three days old.

Of course, that all being said, if there really were a child searching online who saw the warning page and knew then not to enter the page, maybe it would serve its purported purpose...not sure how often that's tended to happen, but ultimately I guess there is a reason these things may seem called for....

Emerald said...

(I forgot to say too, thank you for the link!)