Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gingery Isabel Kerr - Spicy Summer Sunday

The spiciness continues today with a visit to Isabel Kerr. She's offering up a love affair with ginger with a mouth-watering recipe and story. Plus she has a provocative question for us, here hinted at below.

This summer spice tour has been inspiring, in more ways than one. It continues.

8/2 Marina St. Clare - basil
8/9 BadAssKona - rosemary
8/16 Emerald - poppy seeds
8/23 P.S. Haven - salt
8/30 Gala Goodbye


Danielle said...

ah..tina turner...the dancing wig..:-)

no just that lady..and especially that song..thanx for posting it..:-)

Emily said...
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Emerald said...

Okay! So, as I was saying...yeah, those shoes look rather uncomfortable. ;) She seems to wear them well though!

Thank you Robin. :)